A multi-lingual utility to easily
define color operations

This utility defines and allows to easily define color operations i.e. procedures that return a RGB triple (like red, green, ... to be used in expressions like setpencolor red):

- the colors are organized in 10 categories : reds, greens, blues, blacks, whites, greys, cyans, browns, oranges and yellows

- each category corresponds to an operation that returns the RCG triples in the category. For example the yellows operation returns all the defined yellow RGB triples

- each category corresponds to a show.category command that print the defined colors in the category. For example, show.reds will print something like :

red colors:
    red rouge
    hot.pink rose.chaud

Notice the multi-lingual aspect : red and its French translation, rouge, ...

- defines a colors operation (returns all RGB triples) and a show.colors command that print all the colors by category

- define true.colors (like colors without the black and white colors)

- allows to easily add color operations in any language. For example, in the colors.lgo file there is a reds variable that is:

Make "reds ~
                    [[[255 0 0] red rouge]
                     [[255 0 255] magenta]
                     [[255 105 180] hot.pink rose.chaud]]

Suppose your are not interrested in the French translation but want more red colors, you could update the variable definition as :

Make "reds ~
                     [[[255 0 0] red]
                      [[255 0 255] magenta]
                      [[255 105 180] hot.pink]
                      [[227 23 13] cadmium.red.deep]
                      [[255 127 80] coral] [[212 26 31] venetian.red]]

and just reload the file or restart Logo

Alternatively if you want colors in French and Spanish too, update each entry like this one :

                      [[255 0 0] red rouge rojo]

How to install?

  1. Install the startup.lgo file first.
  2. Put the colors.lgo file in the sub-directory named `buried' , located under the MSWLogo installation directory.
  3. Start or restart MSWLogo.