Dialogue is a Common Lisp tool to easy write dialogs using the Java Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and Foil (a Foreign Object Interface for Lisp). It provides an abstract layer over the controls and layout capabilities found in SWT.

Dialogue has been developped using Lispworks for Windows. Like Foil, it is mostly standard Common Lisp and should be easily ported to other Lisps.

Initialy the main reason to write Dialogue was to evaluate Foil and SWT, while making something useful. The conclusion was positive : SWT is a complete toolkit, very well designed, and Foil has proved to be very reliable. Later I have used Dialogue to write the dialogs in KMgen, an ontology editor.

The licence is the same as the one covering Foil without which Dialogue would not exist. Thanks to Rich Hickey for this nice tool.

Comments, code and documentation contributions are welcome.

Francis Leboutte, March 2005 and December 2006