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The screen shot below shows Gipsy's entry screen. It allows the user to manage databases, select appropriate tools and work with worlds. Worlds are the basis of a mechanism by which hypotheses may be considered and explored, without altering consolidated data (data in the root world). Worlds are created and activated by the user (the active world is in blue). They are organized in a tree, so that hypotheses made in a world are inherited by its descendants (in a world, a hypothesis is an update of any electrical item property, an item creation, etc.)

Notice this dialog and the other ones below have been generated using a Lisp tool available from Algorithme.

Dialogs to edit an electrical cabin:

A dialog to manage properties common to a set of electrical items. This is a dynamic dialog whose content and layout adapt automatically to the type of the edited item. It is shown for the transformer-2 and arc types:

Part of a network in Ivory Coast:

Part of a network in Mauritius Isle:

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