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Reference Projects


KMgen is an ontology editor. An ontology describes the concepts and relationships of a particular knowledge domain, while specifying vocabulary and semantics for that domain.

Download KMgen which is free to use.


Tools used to develop KMgen:

At present time KMgen is an MS Windows application. However it is portable because of the tools used. The relational database system can be installed on other systems (Linux ...)



Gipsy is a software application for the design and planning of electrical networks. Since 1996 it has been used by Tractebel Engineering for the study of networks in several countries.

The tools used are Allegro CL and AllegroStore, an object database management system. This object-oriented application includes about 400 object class definitions (half of them are persistent classes - those that define the schema of a database). A class commonly inherits from 3 or 4 other classes. The maximum depth of the application class hierarchy is 12.

Screensoht from Gipsy. Click to magnify.

A screenshot taken from a typical Gipsy session (click to magnify). The fisheye window (to help navigation in the network) shows the layout of Mauritius Island. Underneath and to the right, another window shows the details of an electrical substation. The two remaining windows show part of the network at different scales and the current period. Scale and period are displayed in the title bar of the windows. The current period is [2004,2004] which is January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2004.


Coraps screenshot. Click to magnify Coraps (COre Refueling Automatic Planning System) is an application for planning fuel reshuffling in PWR nuclear power plants.

A typical core reshuffling involves approximately 1000 operations, to be executed by machines that can work in parallel. Coraps generates an optimal sequence of operations and assists the supervisor during the reshuffling process.

Coraps has been in use in the seven Belgian nuclear power plants since 1990.


OPA is a knowledge-based system designed to help operation of a nuclear reactor in post-accidental state. Its two main components are a knowledge acquisition system and a decision-support system. The later is connected in real time to a plant data acquisition system (see the OPA architecture diagram).

OPA was developed with Allegro CL and CLIM on Unix and Windows workstations. CLIM (Common Lisp Interface Manager) is a portable graphical toolkit. OPA current status is that of an operational research prototype.


Iatos provides support to inexperienced operators in an electrical substation by generating a sequence of operations which lead the system to the target configuration. The sequence of operations is sent to the digital control system with which Iatos is coupled. The sequence is then validated by the operator and executed by the control system.

Iatos is currently installed in the 80 MW substation of Angleur that feeds the main distribution network of Liège.